Wuhan Coronavirus

China ‘didn’t report 43,000 silent carriers’

The South China Morning Post reported on Monday that classified government data it obtained show that more than 43,000 so-called silent carriers were not counted in the number of confirmed cases by the end of February.

China reported around 79,000 confirmed cases as of the end of last month.

The paper said that when silent carriers are taken into account, the number of infected people on the mainland exceeds 120,000.

Chinese health authorities said on February 14 that people who were infected but showed no symptoms would be quarantined and monitored for two weeks, but not counted as coronavirus patients.


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  • Dongguan, once a hub for labour-intensive manufacturers, is on the frontline of China’s coronavirus manufacturing recovery
  • But the industrial city is struggling with a second wave demand shock, as the closure of overseas markets hits exports


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Beijing is providing equipment to hard-hit nations such as Italy, drawing a contrast with the U.S. and making sure everyone knows about it


China’s diplomats must stop attacking media over coronavirus reporting


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