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Vaccine and test kit for Wuhan Coronavirus, April 2020

30/04 – Coronavirus: Oxford vaccine effective in monkeys, heading for mass production in India

  • Six animals inoculated with vaccine candidate then exposed to virus did not catch Covid-19 after 28 days
  • Up to 60 million doses could be produced by Serum Institute of India this year

A 1st: US study finds Gilead drug works against coronavirus

Coronavirus: Hong Kong university to test 3,000 residents with no symptoms to find hidden Covid-19 carriers

  • Faculty of Medicine at Chinese University is asking for volunteers from different age groups and districts
  • Participants will be tested for Immunoglobulin G, an antibody that suggests they have previously fought off the virus

‘Don’t waste a minute’: Chinese firm readies mass vaccine production

Potential coronavirus vaccine being tested in Germany could ‘supply millions’ by end of year

26/04 – COVID-19 Vaccine Is Successful in Lab Trial — New Study

New research suggests we may be one step closer to coronavirus immunization

25/04 – Italy’s DiaSorin gets U.S. FDA approval for COVID-19 antibody test

China tried to patent potential coronavirus drug Remsvidir the DAY AFTER Beijing confirmed virus was transmissable between humans

  • On January 21 a patent for commercial use of Remdesivir was filed in China
  • The application was made by the top-secret Wuhan Institute of Virology bio-lab
  • It is at the centre of concerns about a possible leak of the coronavirus disease
  • Leaked documents shown that China officials who knew they faced an epidemic delayed warning the public for six days

23/04 – Eu investment bank approves load offer for CureVac caccine

17/04 – Japan’s Nippon Paint and Corning develop antivirus coating to protect frontline healthcare workers in fight against pandemic

  • The Antivirus Kids Paint was jointly developed by Nippon Paint and Corning,
  • 5 million yuan worth of new product has been donated to four hospitals in Hubei province

Coronavirus vaccine: Target of a million doses by September, scientists say

16/04- FDA Authorizes 2 More COVID-19 Antibody Tests

15/05 – Abbott Launches Third COVID-19 Test, a Laboratory-Based Antibody Blood Test That Will Ship in the U.S. Starting Tomorrow

– This adds to Abbott’s previously announced COVID-19 molecular tests: the m2000™ lab-based test and ID NOW™ rapid point-of-care test- New antibody test will run on Abbott’s ARCHITECT® i1000SR and i2000SR laboratory instruments and will expand to its new Alinity™ i system- Abbott begins shipping tomorrow and intends to distribute 4 million tests in April, ramping to 20 million in the U.S. per month in June and beyond

14/04 – Coronavirus mutation could threaten the race to develop vaccine

  • A strain found in India showed changes in the mechanism used to bind the virus to human cells which could render current research futile
  • Researchers are targeting the same process that allowed Sars to infect people, but the mutation could upend their assumptions

13/04 – 70 Coronavirus Vaccines Are Under Development, With 3 in Human Trials, WHO Says

08/04 – Taiwan, Denmark jointly create 12-minute coronavirus test

Taiwan and Denmark team up to create rapid test for Wuhan coronavirus

07/04 – Taiwanese team finds key antibodies in COVID-19 patients

06/04 – A second potential COVID-19 vaccine, backed by Bill and Melinda Gates, is entering human testing

03/04 – First Coronavirus Vaccine Test — Using 400 Tiny Needles — Shows Promise In Mice

A Potential Coronavirus Vaccine Might Have Been Discovered Already

Coronavirus: US researchers develop possible vaccine with novel injection technology

  • The potential vaccine is delivered through a fingertip-sized patch of 400 tiny needles
  • When administered to mice, the researchers found ‘significantly high’ antibody responses to the coronavirus that causes the Covid-19

02/04 – Coronavirus: Australian scientists begin tests of potential vaccines

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