WHO director faces calls to resign for ‘allowing China to cover up true impact of coronavirus’

  • US politicians call for resignation of WHO head, Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus 
  • World Health Organization boss partly blamed for China’s lack of transparency
  • Senator Martha McSally said Tedros should resign over the ‘Chinese cover-up’
  • Activists claimed 42,000 or more could have died in Wuhan, where virus began


The World Health Organisation ‘is a joke’

Outsiders host Rowan Dean says Australia should be pulling out of the World Health Organisation “tomorrow” as it has been “actively working against our interests and as a propaganda arm for the Chinese”. The WHO has been criticised for its handing and mixed messaging throughout the coronavirus pandemic which has currently seen over one million infections worldwide. Mr Dean said the World Health Organisation “is a joke” and “the bloke who is now in charge of it has disgraced himself at every stage”. He said we could have a world body that looks after health, but it shouldn’t be the WHO which has been “completely corrupted”. “We should be pulling out of that organisation tomorrow and having nothing more to do with them”.

China’s toxic lackey: Once a Mugabe apologist, the head of the WHO stands accused of putting lives at risk by parroting China’s lies and failing to expose it’s cover-ups


WHO director was accused of covering up epidemics in 2017

And he blamed his accusers of a “colonial” mind-set


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