Wuhan Coronavirus

China Is Legally Responsible for COVID-19 Damage and Claims Could Be in the Trillions

Ren Zhiqiang’s essay

The first part is “about the early part of virus prevention work”

Here he’s commending his own great accomplishments, including the January 7th ‘instructions’. [He] “personally directed, personally laid out” the right strategic policy, the need to have unified leadership, unified command, unified actions, the need to organize the whole nation in providing medical supplies and essential daily goods, ensure social stability, prevent social disorder, as well as to strengthen propaganda education and opinion guidance. All of this relied on a personal policy decision which involved “enormous political courage” and personal command of the situation which resulted in great achievements.


Chaos and Joy at Wuhan Airport as Doctors Take First Flights Out

  • Many leaving were tourists stuck after January vacations
  • Medical workers who came to assist were among first to fly out


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