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Accountability: Chinese Professor Challenged the CCP with Ten Questions

As the novel coronavirus pandemic has continued spreading around the world, not only have the politicians and scholars around the world started holding the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) accountable for causing the worldwide disaster, but Chinese have also started challenging the CCP.

The BBC commented that it was the CCP’s bureaucratic system that made China suffer as much as it did. Officials in China are only responsible to higher-ups but not to the people. Many people in China thought that it was the “inaction” of the officials that resulted in the missed time in responding to the virus.

Radio France International and the Epoch Times reported that on March 13, Hu Xuemei, a law professor at Shanghai East China Normal University submitted ten requests on the National Health Commission’s website asking for information to be released to the public. There were reports that in early and mid-January, healthcare practitioners and researchers had reported to the government about the SARS-linked virus and its ability to transmit from person to person. This included reports to the National Health Commission and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), but the government didn’t take any serious action against the epidemic until January 20.

Hu’s requests were:

  1. The media reported that, on January 12, that Hong Kong University confirmed the first “person-to-person” transmittal case and informed Shenzhen, Guangdong, and the National CDC on the same day. Is it true? Can you please release information?
  2. The media reported that, on January 15, China’s CDC activated a Level 1 emergency response to the Wuhan epidemic. Is it true? Please release information.
  3. The Media reported that, from January 3 to February 3, China’s CDC provided the U.S. Wuhan epidemic information 30 times. Is that true? Please release the information.
  4. The Media reported that, on January 5, the Public Health Clinical Center affiliated with Fudan University identified the entire genome of Wuhan Pneumonia and found that it is 89.11 percent homologous to SARS coronavirus; they recommended to the National Health Commission, “take appropriate preventive measures in public places.” Is that true? Please release information.
  5. The Media reported that on, January 6, China’s CDC activated a Level 2 emergency response to the Wuhan epidemic. Is it true? Please release the justification for the Level 2 response.
  6. On January 8, when National Health Commission sent its second expert group to Wuhan, did they investigate the 59 confirmed cases that the Wuhan Health Commission published on January 5? Did they verify (the information) for each and every patient if they were infected from the Huanan Seafood market? Please release the second expert group’s report.
  7. The Media reported that National Health Commission’s first expert group arrived at Wuhan on December 31, 2019 and stayed there for four days. Is that true? Did they investigate the 27 confirmed cases that Wuhan Health Commission published on December 31, 2019? Did they verify for each and every patient, if they were infected from the Huanan Seafood market? Please release the first expert group’s report.
  8. Please release the following information: the Novel Coronavirus Pneumonia infection count and cases that Wuhan reported on or before January 24; after which period did Wuhan stopped reporting data? Did the National Health Commission or the CDC send any person to inquire or investigate the reason for stopping the reporting of data? If so, what was Wuhan’s response to the inquiry?
  9. Please release the justification for issuing Wang Guangfa the honorary title “Advanced Individual.” (Wang was a medical doctor in the second expert group to Wuhan; he stated that there was no “person-to-person” transmission.)
  10. Please release the official document “National Plan on Surveillance, Investigation, and Management of the Unknown-Caused Pneumonia Program.” Is that regulation still in effect?

Hu said that China’s Government Information Openness Rule stated that she should receive a response in twenty days. As of April 4, 21 days after the requests were made, there has been no report that Beijing has provided a response.

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