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Donald Trump launches full-frontal attack on ‘China-centric’ World Health Organization saying ‘they called it wrong, they should have known’ on coronavirus and says he might FREEZE funds

  • President Trump went after the WHO in tweet Tuesday, calling the United Nations’ health body ‘China-centric’
  • Trump said WHO ‘really blew it’ on its coronavirus response, suggesting he’s looking into slashing its funding
  • President was following the lead of other conservatives who have blamed WHO for helping China in cover-up 
  • Criticism of WHO comes as Democrats have condemned the Trump administration’s response to the disease
  • Later today at the daily White House briefing Trump ripped the WHO apart again and said he’d look at funding
  • It comes as the COVID-19 death tolls recorded in Italy (17,127), Spain (14,045), the US (12,823), France (10,328), the UK (6,159) and Iran (3,872), have exceeded the 3,331 recorded by the ruling Communist Party in China 
  • Learn more about how to help people impacted by COVID


House Republican Demands Congress Defund WHO Until Chief Tedros Resigns


World health Organisation refuses to name staff who blocked early COVID-19 travel bans


Chairman Risch Calls for Independent Investigation into WHO’s Handling of COVID-19 Response


The case against WHO director-general candidate Tedros Adhanom

Senate subcommittee chairman requests WHO director-general’s testimony


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