Hong Kong Update

‘Justice delayed is justice denied’ says Hong Kong activist after top court denies appeal bid by cops who assaulted him

Hundreds of police quit force during protests

Several hundred police officers quit the force during Hong Kong’s months of social turmoil, as the number of new recruits plummeted by around 40 percent, the Security Bureau revealed on Wednesday.

Meanwhile, the police recruited just over 760 officers between April last year and February this year, which was a 40 percent drop compared with the previous full financial year.

The number of applicants to the force during the same period also plunged by a similar percentage, to fewer than 11,000.


Hong Kong anti-government protests: more than 7,600 arrested during unrest

  • Only 1,200 of those held have been prosecuted
  • Police officers earn more than HK$2 billion in overtime pay since disturbances erupted in June


Hong Kong court rules against police effort to limit public access to voter registry information

Hong Kong’s coronavirus lockdown is merely the calm before another protest storm

Hong Kong stands at a crossroads, its people emboldened by last year’s protests and infuriated by government culpability for the virus


U.S. Allows Google Internet Project to Advance Only if Hong Kong Is Cut Out

National-security concerns had held up approval of 8,000-mile line from Los Angeles to Hong Kong


Hong Kong Bar Association looking into whether former government prosecutor had violated professional code

  • Barrister Vivien Chan had allegedly used her Facebook account to attack local judges and opposition lawmakers
  • The association has launched an inquiry after a politician filed complaints about her

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