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How America was hit with COVID-19 from two continents: Majority of cases in US epicenter New York came from Europe – but a DIFFERENT strain spread from China to the West Coast, genome studies reveal

  • In an effort to understand how COVID-19 spread around the globe, several studies have analyzed the genomes of coronavirus found in patients
  • A Cambridge University study identified three distinct strains that have dominated various parts of the world 
  • Researchers in New York found that most people in hard-hit NYC have a strain that has dominated in Europe 
  • That strain likely arrived first and has become dominant in the US after travel from China was banned long before travel from Europe was blocked  
  • Genome analysis suggests that a different strain infected people in Washington state, where the first patient in the US was identified 
  • Learn more about how to help people impacted by COVID


U.S. Allows Google Internet Project to Advance Only if Hong Kong Is Cut Out

National-security concerns had held up approval of 8,000-mile line from Los Angeles to Hong Kong


Full immediate expensing would lure U.S. firms back from China: Trump adviser Kudlow


Foreign Spies Are Targeting Americans on Zoom and Other Video Chat Platforms, U.S. Intel Officials Say


US military researchers call for use of privateers against China

  • Magazine published by US Naval Institute features articles titled ‘Unleash the Privateers!’ and ‘US Privateering Is Legal’
  • But any such move would provoke a retaliation from China, military watchers say


Why Is Taiwan Fighting With the WHO, and Why Does Trump Care?


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