Europe / Western countries

Is Italy’s Economic Crisis an Opportunity for China?

As Italy reels, Chinese companies might sense an opportunity to buy up more Italian brands on the cheap.

Italy PM extends virus lockdown, says euro zone rescue plan inadequate

Trump orders U.S. government to help Italy in coronavirus fight

Memorandum on Providing COVID-19 Assistance to the Italian Republic

Coronavirus may have reached Italy from Germany, scientists say

21 Photos of Italy on Lockdown, From a Vacant Colosseum to Empty Churches on Easter

Thousands of Italians Participated in a Nationwide Science Experiment While Quarantined (Video)

Over 7,000 people participated.

Just when Italy really needed some unity, the EU failed it – and continues to do so

Even faced with another great depression, wealthier EU countries are resisting action on debt that could ultimately keep the union together

Italy’s lockdowns prevented 200,000 hospitalizations and reduced coronavirus transmission by nearly half, a new study finds

Fincantieri Wins $795M Contract for Navy Frigate Program

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