Commonwealth Countries

Canada Needs A Relentless, Thorough, & Extensive Investigation Into CCP Infiltration Of Our Political System & Politicians

We cannot trust that our leaders are loyal until an immense investigation has taken place.

In short, Canada needs to know how many of our politicians and government officials are – at this very moment – actively betraying the country, in effect working as either spies, propagandists, or covert infiltrators for the CCP, a clear act of disloyalty against our country.

Global Affairs warns Trudeau government about perils of deepening ties with China

Ottawa funds COVID-19 research project that is collaborating with Wuhan virus lab

Canada tightens foreign investment scrutiny, citing economic impact of COVID-19

Think tank slams Ottawa over silence on Beijing attempt to ‘interfere’ with free speech

#Taiwan donates 500,000 protective masks to #Canada 「台灣慷慨捐助能挽救生命」 加拿大感謝台灣捐贈50萬片醫療口罩

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