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Decouple The EU From China? – OpEd

The initial response to the Covid-19 virus has been characterized by the erection of national barriers to goods and people and a new propaganda war with China at the centre.

As if that was not enough, some European leaders have already started talking about changing the economic model. French Finance Minister, Bruno Le Maire, wants to reconfigure trehe supply chains to “gain in independence and sovereignty.” The British tabloids talk about ‘the day of reckoning with China.’

Yes, blaming China is to a certain degree warranted. China covered up the initial outbreak and silenced medical professionals, thereby siphoning the whole world into disarray. According to a study funded by the EU Horizon 2020, if the authorities in Wuhan had taken the necessary precautions 3 weeks earlier, the spread of COVID-19 would have been reduced by up to 95%.

European countries need to protect their companies from Chinese takeovers, says EU Commissioner

Europe Joins U.S. Companies Moving Out Of China

EU trade chief urges for more diverse supply chains after crisis

NATO warns allies to block China buying spree

Will the financial fallout from COVID-19 make European infrastructure vulnerable to the Chinese government’s checkbook? Some experts warn that Europe is already in precarious straits. Teri Schultz reports from Brussels.

Every man for himself! EU nations IGNORE Brussels rules and look after OWN economies

EUROPEAN UNION member states are shunning collective leadership in the face of the coronavirus crisis to go their own way as morale plummets on the continent due to the coronavirus pandemic.

China’s hostage diplomacy

Member of the European Parliament and Vice President of the ECR Party. Previously she has served as Foreign Minister of Poland.

EU on the brink: Juncker attacks Angela Merkel for causing ‘permanent damage’ to the bloc

JEAN-CLAUDE JUNCKER has opened up huge divisions within the European Union and condemned the approach taken by German Chancellor Angela Merkel to tackle the coronavirus crisis, warning it “will cause permanent damage”

Macron talks grandly about Europe – and then cuts a deal with Germany

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