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Germany’s largest paper to China’s president: You’re endangering the world

„You are endangering the world“

China furious as leading German newspaper writes out £130BN bill for ‘coronavirus damages’

GERMANY has rattled China by joining the UK, France and the US in a rare attack, after Berlin called out Beijing’s responsibility for the global pandemic and a leading newspaper issued a £130bn invoice.

Does Germany need China more than Europe?

For years now, Germany has been leaning on China for cheap supply and as a market for its exports. Following the 2008 financial crisis, when most of Europe was suffering, Germany kept itself rather unscathed thanks to a strong export-orientated economy and partly thanks to China. Germany was not concerned about any geo-economic advances Beijing was making. It cared little about the 16+1 forum with Central and Eastern European countries launched in 2012 or the Belt and Road Initiative unveiled in 2013, and the ‘Made in China 2025’

Beijing tried to make German officials praise China over coronavirus outbreak – report

Angela Merkel urges Chinese transparency over coronavirus

Germany says China sought to encourage positive Covid-19 comments

Coronavirus: Germany ‘rejected China’s bid for positive spin’ on pandemic response

  • German officials say requests by Chinese counterparts to have disease management shown in favourable light were not granted
  • Berlin needs stronger response to Beijing’s attempts to influence public debate, analyst says

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