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Taiwan’s President Calls on Free World to Unite Against Beijing and ‘Anti-Democratic Forces’

Amidst Beijing’s increasingly aggressive actions, Taiwan’s President Tsai Ing-wen called on like-minded countries around the world to start pushing back against China and other “anti-democratic forces” across economic, political, and military fronts.

“Historical trends do not always favor the forward march of democracy. But in Taiwan, moving backward is not an option,” Tsai said on June 25.

“In the 21st century, democracy is in retreat,” she said, citing a report by Freedom House that found global freedom has been in decline for 12 consecutive years.

“Anti-democratic forces” are threatening Taiwan, Australia, United States, and others around the world today, she said. Tsai was not afraid to point the finger at China, which claims Taiwan as one of its provinces.

“Over the past two years, we have faced increasing pressure from China as they threaten our democratic way of life and limit our international space,”

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If war between CCPand Taiwan, we will take the first blow, and hope international community will stand up for us. 蔡英文:兩岸若開打 我承受第一波 之後盼全世界站出來蔡英文-兩岸若開打-我承受第-波-之後希全世界站出來-130237146.html

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