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UK spy agencies urge China rethink once Covid-19 crisis is over

MI6 and MI5 expect Beijing to be more assertive and want government to consider tighter control of strategic industries

Britain’s intelligence community believes the UK needs to reassess its relationship with China after the coronavirus crisis subsides and consider if tighter controls are needed over high-tech and other strategic industries.

They reckon China will become more assertive in defending its one-party model as having successfully tackled the pandemic and that Boris Johnson and other ministers will have to take a “realistic view” and consider how the UK responds.

‘The NHS saved my life’: Boris Johnson pays tribute to hospital medics saying ‘I can’t thank them enough’ and friends reveal he came close to death – as coronavirus claims 917 UK lives in 24 hours

  • The PM had been expected in St Thomas’ Hospital, London, three days before he was finally admitted 
  • His plight was so grave that Cabinet Ministers and aides prayed for him during extraordinary battle 
  • Mr Johnson boosted by letters from fiancee Carrie Symonds including scan of their unborn child

Beijing is exploiting the disarray caused by the coronavirus epidemic to try and move a British tech company to China, claims leading Tory MP

  • Beijing exploiting Covid-19 panic to move UK tech company to China, MP claims
  • Tom Tugendhat said China was ‘using cover’ of PM’s illness to ‘launch a raid’ on Imagination Technologies, which designs chips for Apple
  • It comes as company’s CEO quit as China Reform Holdings attempted takeover

MPs summon China-owned firm execs over security concerns

Daily Telegraph stops publishing section paid for by China

Content from China Watch, written by state journalists, has also been wiped from website

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