Wuhan Coronavirus

China Knew About Human-to-Human Transmission of Coronavirus But Waited 6 Days to Tell the World

In those 6 days, tens of thousands of people gathered for a banquet in Wuhan, and China saw 3,000 new infections.

On January 14, the head of China’s National Health Commission, Ma Xiaowei, organized a secret teleconference to convey instructions on the coronavirus to provincial officials from Xi, Premier Li Keqiang, and Vice Premier Sun Chunlan.

At the time, Beijing had already sought to silence doctors in Wuhan who were trying to raise the alarm about the outbreak in the central Chinese city, and the government was claiming there was no evidence of human-to-human transmission.

In a memo prepared after the teleconference, and obtained by AP, Ma outlines the “sober understanding of the situation” including the fact that “clustered cases suggest that human-to-human transmission is possible.”



Did Xi Jinping Deliberately Sicken the World?

PRC moral turpitude forces us to consider the unthinkable.


EXCLUSIVE: Was This the Plan? Chinese Officials Applied for Patent on Remdesivir to Treat Coronavirus Soon After Virus Spread in Hubei Province

China Profiting from Coronavirus


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