It WON’T be ‘business as usual’ with China after coronavirus crisis is over, warns Dominc Raab as he calls for ‘hard questions’ for the Communist state over secrecy and spread of virus

  • Foreign Secretary Raab said there would have to be a ‘deep dive’ into the facts  
  • He added that ‘there is no doubt we can’t have business as usual after this crisis’
  • Beijing today said the WHO has found no evidence coronavirus was man-made

Foreign Affairs Committee chairman Tom Tugendhat and senior Tory MPs accuse China of a coronavirus ‘cover-up’ and demand an international investigation to find ‘patient zero’ and warn Beijing it ‘must change’

  • Senior Tory MPs have demanded an international investigation into coronavirus
  • They believe the probe is needed to identify ‘patient zero’ and ‘ground zero’
  • They have also blasted Beijing and accused Chinese government of telling ‘lies’

ANDREW ADONIS: I have seen China’s deadly obfuscation at first hand

This is China’s Chernobyl: the moment a local health crisis became a global pandemic and the secretive, brutal dictatorship which allowed it to happen became the world’s most serious problem state.

UK moves to drop Huawei as 5G vendor, citing China coronavirus transparency

Hungry Chinese investors line up floundering British targets

Warren Buffett of the East among buyers ready to strike as firms falter from virus

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