Hong Kong Update

One Country, One System: As Hong Kong faces another summer of unrest, the world must make up its mind on Beijing

With the arrest over the weekend of fifteen democrats on trumped-up charges, and the Liaison Office’s declaration that it is not bound by Article 22, we can set aside the happy illusion that the Chinese Government has the slightest intention of honouring the promise it made in the Joint Declaration and which it executed in the Basic Law. Hong Kong, as a pocket of pluralism and rule of law in China, is over. Hong Kong will become just another city in China. The question was always when, not if. With these arrests, the Liaison Office provided an emphatic answer: it is now.

Hong Kong Protests: In Defence of the Rule of Law

Beijing’s latest outrageous crackdown on Hong Kong freedoms


Martin Lee: “International community has the moral obligation to speak up for Hong Kong People”

Hong Kong protests: to bridge city’s ‘blue’ and ‘yellow’ divide, police watchdog must walk the talk

  • While those in the ‘blue’ camp vociferously defend the police, ‘yellow ribbons’ are ready to believe the worst of the force
  • If the police watchdog is to be trusted, it must be seen to act proactively. The recent case of a tussle over video footage would be a good place to start


Call for release of pro-democracy leaders arrested in Hong Kong


China rattles sabres as world battles coronavirus pandemic


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