China Update

Brussels Playbook: Disinfo warning — Money talks

China’s coronavirus diplomacy has finally pushed Europe too far

Russia and China promote coronavirus conspiracy narratives online says EU agency

Questioning China’s Politicization of Cyber Intelligence During Pandemic

Recently, Chinese cybersecurity companies have reported an intrusion campaign targeting government networks and health-care systems during the COVID-19 pandemic. A campaign of this magnitude threatens to degrade international norms for the protection of health systems that are already under unprecedented pressures. However, there is reason to question the narrative from Beijing and these companies.

Amid rising anti-China sentiments, European powers send stern messages to Beijing

Coronavirus: Europe ‘wary of confronting China over deaths’

Pressured by China, E.U. Softens Report on Covid-19 Disinformation

A revised report shows how Beijing reacts swiftly and effectively to tamp down Western criticism of its pandemic response.

Internal EU report on coronavirus disinformation was harsher on China than public release

China threatens EU: Gag criticism of Beijing’s coronavirus LIES or face consequences

CHINA has been accused of openly threatening the EU – warning Brussels to block a report alleging Beijing was deliberately spreading disinformation about the coronavirus outbreak, or face the consequences.

China pressured EU to drop COVID disinformation criticism: sources

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