China Update

The World Has Created A Monster In China; Time To Withdraw The Free Pass

China Is Sending Medical Supplies Around the World So You’ll Forget They Kept Coronavirus a Secret

For example. China sent masks to Spain by a 17-day train trip, a stunt to promote a Belt and Road infrastructure project.

China must be held to account for unleashing a global catastrophe

China has been diplomatically ‘unhelpful’ as the world tries to find out how the virus got loose in the first place. That has to change.

World tries to shake off its dangerous China addiction

China’s disappeared: At least one is dead and the rest haven’t been heard from in months, so why isn’t the world asking what happened to the brave souls who dared to speak up about the coronavirus outbreak after Beijing lied to the world?

China seeks ‘new world media order’ says watchdog, as Hong Kong plunges to 80th in press freedom index

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