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For Hong Kong, as for Catalonia, independence is the only hope

Many in Hong Kong fight for straightforward representative democracy, coupled with a greater degree of autonomy. But this is far from enough. Catalonia’s lesson to Hong Kong is that independence is truly the only way out.

Even the greatest degree of autonomy can be taken away at the whim of the sovereign nation. It is often done in moments of crisis, including non-political ones like the coronavirus, and when the interest of the smaller nation clashes with that of the sovereign state. Yet these are the times when we need our autonomy the most.

The centralisation of power and large governments always tends to lead to corruption, as well as the inability to respond to unique regional needs. The only beneficiaries are capital cities where the centralised power lies, such as Beijing and Madrid.

Hong Kong’s seven months of political struggle lent a lot of new techniques to the Catalan independence movement. Now we must also learn lessons from their recent misfortunes.

We must never stop fighting until we gain full independence, even if one day, we are granted universal suffrage, and even if China eventually becomes democratic. Our language, our culture, and our very lives are at stake. Independence is our only hope.

Communists in Brooks Brothers

They follow Lenin’s idea of ‘truth,’ even if they send their children to Harvard.

The conversation turned to family, and Mr. Lee mentioned his father. A former Kuomintang general who had fought the Japanese in the years before and during World War II, he settled his family in Hong Kong once the Communists had prevailed in China’s civil war in 1949. Mr. Lee mused on his father’s advice.

“He’s always telling me, ‘Martin, you can never, ever trust the Communists.’ ” 


China Wants to Crackdown on Hong Kong

Beijing wants action soon on two issues that face great local opposition and could spur new protests.


“10 steps to a real laam chau” with a timetable from July and August 2020 to the beginning of 2022. 真攬炒十步 這是香港宿命 – 戴耀廷


The UN’s Special Rapporteurs voiced their concerns on HK’s anti-terrorism law and sedition laws in a recent letter to the Chinese and HK govs. They warn that these laws are overly broad and excessively restrict legitimate expression.

Terrorist acts’ under the Anti-Terrorism Law catches property damage in the course of protests and disruptions to a wide range of essential services. The imprecise definition violates the right to assembly and contravenes internationally agreed standards of terrorism.

The definition of ‘sedition’ under the Crimes Ordinance was also deemed too broad. This potentially criminalises expressions that ‘articulate a view contrary to the official position of the State’ and unreasonably restricts the freedom of expression.

The Special Rapporteurs recommend a revision of these laws. This is a powerful response to the #HKPolice and the DoJ’s invocation of these laws to charge pro-democracy protesters, a clear attempt to suppress opposition in the name of counterterrorism and national security.


The Bar Council of Ireland has written to Carrie Lam, CE of #HongKong & to the Chinese embassy in Ireland, condemning the recent arrests of lawyers & democracy activists Martin Lee QC and Dr. Margaret Ng. Such arrests “causes grave concerns for access to justice & the rule of law

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