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Europe Can Afford to Fight With China

Beijing likes to use economic threats to bully European countries. But they don’t need China as much as they think.

The Cost of Europe Bowing to China’s Disinformation and Pressure

Overcoming the coronavirus pandemic is also about the EU defending its own principles of transparency and truthfulness, both of which China is aggressively challenging.

But given the state of China’s economy—and Europe’s—Beijing is going to need all the economic support it can muster to bring back the high levels of growth needed for its stability and global influence.

More importantly, its tactics of intimidation and its attempts to silence critics could backfire in Europe and other democracies.

“China is shooting itself in the foot,” said Reinhard Bütikofer, a leading German Greens party member of the European Parliament. “All the kind of goodwill it tried to build up over the past thirty years since Tiananmen Square has gone down the drain in the past three

months,” he told Carnegie Europe.

Huawei, China’s giant electronics company, may be the first casualty.

Global Opinion Starts Shifting Against Beijing Amid Pandemic

The Coronavirus and the Future of Big Tech

Huawei strikes European chip tie-up as fears rise over US curbs

Collaboration with Tesla supplier STMicro also set to aid self-driving goals

ECB set for policy decision as coronavirus sends the euro zone economy into a tailspin

Europe is worried about Chinese corporate takeovers tied to Covid-19

Is the Coronavirus Ushering in an Era of Eurosceptic Leaders?

The pandemic could very well be a watershed moment in European politics.

German Presidency committed to fighting coronavirus while tackling the issues that will define our future

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