Hong Kong Update

With a New Cold War on the Rise, What Next for Hong Kong’s Autonomy?

The West must decide whether and how to keep a foot in China’s door.


Crackdown against Hong Kong activists sparks protest talk

Arrests of pro-democracy activists, warnings from China shake up Hong Kong as the coronavirus keeps protesters at home.


Hong Kong activist Edward Leung loses appeal against 6-year jail term over 2016 unrest

Pompeo warns against HK national security law


Chairman Risch Joins Bipartisan, Bicameral Letter to Pompeo on Beijing’s Efforts to Undermine Hong Kong’s Autonomy


How China’s government used social media against movements in Taiwan, Hong Kong

How China’s government used social media against movements in Taiwan, Hong Kong

Summer of dissent bubbling in Hong Kong as fears over the coronavirus subside

China Takes Harder Line on Hong Kong Amid Coronavirus Protest Lull

Tensions are expected to rise as pro-democracy demonstrators plan to return to the streets after a lengthy absence amid the pandemic


‘Rethink China Ties,’ Last Colonial Governor of Hong Kong Warns UK


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