Commonwealth Countries

Australia, Coronavirus investigation call has made Australia a target, but we’re not alone in feeling China’s wrath

China is becoming ‘increasingly belligerent’

Pompeo weighs into Canberra-Beijing row

Greg Hunt blindsided as Chinese consul-general crashes press conference

Coronavirus: Gatecrashing consul was one of China’s top cyber spies

Kerry Stokes calls for China backdown, urges Canberra to ‘respect’ wet markets

We need to reduce our dependence on China, and have the courage to call it out when required

Many of China’s ambitions are in clear conflict with our national interests. It’s time to reshape our relationship with Beijing

Telstra network now 5G standalone capable end-to-end with Ericsson technology

Australian communications service provider Telstra has partnered with Ericsson to enable its mobile network end-to-end with 5G Standalone products and solutions.

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