Hong Kong Update

How Beijing is reigniting Hong Kong’s protests

Secretary Michael R. Pompeo at a Press Availability (Hong Kong Excerpts)

Mike Pompeo slams China over arrest of Hong Kong protesters and responsibility for coronavirus toll

  • Secretary of state says US will investigate China’s role in the loss of ‘tens of thousands of American lives and enormous amounts of wealth’ once pandemic ebbs
  • Recent actions in Hong Kong threaten promises made by Chinese Communist Party under ‘one country, two systems’ accord, Pompeo says


‘The strong and fearless’: Hong Kong’s pro bono protest lawyers run for Law Society election

If Carrie Lam is governing Hong Kong and Luo Huining is supervising, who’s really in charge?

  • Beijing played a wild card when its agencies asserted that they were exempt from Article 22 of the Basic Law
  • They have created so much ambiguity about their roles that it can’t possibly bode well for Hong Kong’s high degree of autonomy


“It was the HK people’s collective distrust of China that allowed proper defenses despite being next to epidemic hot spots.” -full translated article in comments.

Hong Kong urged to review terrorism and sedition legislation after United Nations experts say they can be used against lawful protests

  • Legislation should be brought in line with international treaties that Hong Kong has signed up to, special rapporteurs say
  • Security officials look to terrorism laws after discovery of explosives and firearms amid the anti-government protests


Can We Finally Admit That “One Country, Two Systems” Is Dead in Hong Kong?

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