Wuhan Coronavirus

China Knew Virus Was Contagious But Kept Silent for Days: Leaked Documents

Chinese health officials were drawing up plans to combat the CCP virus, which they knew to be infectious, days before they informed the public about its potential to spread, according to internal government documents obtained by The Epoch Times.

Now, internal documents provided to The Epoch Times show that Beijing covered up what it knew, as central authorities were secretly providing directives to regional governments on how to cope with the outbreak.

On Jan. 15, the regional health commission in northern China’s Inner Mongolia issued a “super urgent” emergency notice to its municipal counterparts, explaining how medical facilities should respond to a new form of pneumonia. The notice said that China’s National Health Commission had implemented treatment and prevention measures for local health agencies to deal with the new disease (now known as COVID-19).

The document stated that cases reported in Wuhan hospitals beginning in December 2019 were confirmed to be caused by “an acute respiratory infectious disease caused by a new coronavirus.”  That statement was also included in the second edition of the document, issued on Jan. 18—two days before Zhong’s announcement.

The second edition, which was leaked to The Epoch Times, was previously kept secret. The notice is marked with the words: “not to be disclosed.”


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