Hong Kong Update

Hong Kong arrests violate Basic Law


Exclusive: Hong Kong Government Again Seeks PR Firm To Rebuild International Image

Hong Kong is again seeking global PR support as the city’s beleaguered government attempts to rebuild its battered international reputation.


Hong Kong journalist associations condemn arrest of reporters saying action impedes press freedom

  • Two Next Magazine journalists were arrested in Clear Water Bay while carrying out investigative reporting for a story related to assistant police commissioner
  • The arrests come ahead of World Press Freedom Day, which reminds governments of their duty to uphold the right to freedom of expression


Business booms for ‘yellow’ firms backing Hong Kong protest movement


Hong Kong calls foreign criticism of crackdown on pro-democracy figures ‘irresponsible’

Hong Kong’s government calls allegations from the US, UK and European parliament ‘totally unfounded


The international community must act to protect Hong Kong’s health workers


As COVID-19 Loses Steam, Hong Kong Protests Heat Up

Dwindling case counts, coupled with Beijing’s latest moves to consolidate control over the city, have protesters braving in-person demonstrations yet again.


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