Commonwealth Countries

Australia is considering adopting a new law to target human rights abusers

Coronavirus Australia: Victorian cluster emerges at meat processing facility

The money or our sovereignty: China leaves us no choice

‘Can’t sell your soul’: Mick Malthouse calls for AFL to boycott China

Australia concerned over China’s barley tariffs as tensions rise

George Christensen revives diplomatic spat with threat to summons Chinese ambassador

Coalition backbencher wants to know why ambassador threatened a trade boycott after Australia called for international inquiry into coronavirus

‘It’s a disgrace’: Pauline Hanson blasts the government for letting a Chinese company buy up precious Australian water – and says it is crippling our farmers as prices are hiked

  • Chinese state-owned companies bought rights to scarce Australian water supply
  • One Nation founder Pauline Hanson slammed this as crippling for local farmers
  • ‘Water belongs to the people of this nation, not to foreign interests,’ Hanson said
  • After years of drought farmers now buy water at prices set by foreign companies
  • Restrictions on water purchasing in Murray-Darling Basin were loosened in 2014

Australian farmers caught in the middle as China expected to announce tariffs that would end barley trade

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