EU Countries

How China Is Losing Europe

With a clumsy and ugly disinformation campaign, China is trying to project “soft power” as the U.S. loses its cachet. That’s backfiring.

Europe and China were on course for a reset. Coronavirus changed all that

China gave Europe coronavirus supplies in exchange for public praise

Censorship of an Op-Ed by the Ambassador of the EU and Ambassadors of the 27 EU Member States to China

What the EU’s Kowtowing to China Means for the World

So much for a “geopolitical” European Commission (EC). The EU has long labored under critiques of being toothless and feeble on the world stage, but Ursula von der Leyen’s use of the phrase to mark her new term at the EC’s helm in December seemed to presage a change of tack. It rings hollower than ever after EU diplomats caved in to China’s bullying to lighten the blame for its ongoing mass disinformation around COVID, as initially reported by The New York Times on Friday last week.’s-kowtowing-china-means-world-152766

We should heed the world’s warnings about China

French, Dutch join forces to urge EU to show teeth on trade

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