Hong Kong Update

Security, medics carry pan-dems out of Legco meeting


Beijing is moving steadily to bring Hong Kong closer into the fold

  • With arrests of pro-democracy figures and central government oversight expanding, Beijing is pushing for patriotic education and an anti-sedition law – moves likely to reignite Hong Kong protests, which, in turn, could earn a crackdown


‘Clarifying’ the Basic Law: Beijing acts to contain Hong Kong’s protest movement

‘Beijing’s tighter grip will cause more resistance’


New report says Hong Kong National Anthem Law is ‘legal malware’ which threatens rule of law and freedoms


Hong Kong parliament in chaos as politicians fight for chair

Pro-Beijing and pro-democracy lawmakers clash over who will control house committee

Coronavirus Fears Ease In Hong Kong And Political Tensions Flare Anew


Hong Kong protests: Police requests for IT firms’ user data surged to 5,325 in 2019

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