Hong Kong Update

Hong Kong to pass 3 years in prison law for anyone who insults the Chinese national anthem

HONG KONG’S government plans to criminalise the “insulting” of the Chinese national anthem with up to three years imprisonment has sparked deep concerns the law could be exploited to incarcerate political dissent.


Hong Kong Legislators Brawl Amid Fears Over Widening Chinese Control

The scuffles erupted as lawmakers debated the leadership of a committee that would consider legislation that would make it illegal to insult the Chinese national anthem.

Hong Kong’s veteran pro-democracy activists defiant as they hear charges in court


American Journalists Based in Hong Kong

Press Statement

Michael R. Pompeo, Secretary of State

Hong Kong protests: boy, 15, gets probation for carrying extendable baton at illegal march while another teen admits firebombing police quarters

  • One teenager brought a baton, which measured 64cm when extended, to an unauthorised rally in Causeway Bay on September 15
  • The other hurled a petrol bomb at the Chai Wan Police Married Quarters on November 18


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