Commonwealth Countries

Australia, PM threatens to expose China

Communist revolution in China had only one justification — setting the Chinese people free. Australia’s call for an inquiry threatens to expose a fraud that dwarfs COVID-19

Illegalise the shipping of Australian baby formula to China: Pauline Hanson

As a woman is caught shipping $300,000 worth of baby formula to China, One Nation leader Pauline Hanson says the government should “make it illegal” to ship the milk supplement to the China and has called for the women to “end up in jail over this”.

Australia prepares to take China to the World Trade Organisation

The People’s Republic of Queensland

The dubious conduct of an Australian university with Chinese ties shows the CCP’s long reach abroad.

Sharri Markson: China’s risk to Aussie way of life is too great

Ambassador intervenes after Mike Pompeo warns US could ‘disconnect’ from Australia over Victoria’s Belt and Road deal

China deal went too far, says Colin Barnett

Victorian premier Daniel Andrews pummelled by Pompeo over China

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