National security Law / National Anthem Legislation

This is what Hong Kong could look like under China’s explosive new national security law

A Letter from Hong Kong – 21 May 2020

‘Hong Kong’s future is unavoidably linked to Canada,’ says MP as China encroaches

Conservative MPs host online conference with bipartisan group of prominent Hong Kong democracy activists

EU urges China to respect Hong Kong autonomy

The European Union on Friday urged China to respect Hong Kong’s freedoms after Beijing proposed a new security law following pro-democracy protests in the semi-autonomous territory.

The Times view on helping Hong Kong: Stronger Response

The UK should offer support and asylum to Hong Kong’s citizens

[Updated] Patten-led group of 210 Parliamentarians from 23 countries decry ‘flagrant breach of the Sino-British Joint Declaration’

Xi makes high-stakes power play in move to subdue Hong Kong

The Infinite Heartbreak of Loving Hong Kong

As China moves to impose a law that would criminalize dissent, Hong Kongers are facing a dark new era.

China’s new Hong Kong laws a ‘flagrant breach’ of agreement, foreign officials say

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