National security Law / National Anthem Legislation

Two Sessions 2020: Beijing ‘out of patience’ after long wait for Hong Kong national security law, plans to proscribe secession, foreign interference and terrorism in city

  • Amid hostile political environment in deeply divided city, resolution for law will be presented as motion to National People’s Congress on Friday
  • Opposition politicians warn that enacting the legislation through promulgation is akin to announcing the death of ‘one country, two systems’

Will Hong Kong version of National Security Law Turn HK into 1 Country 1 System? By Chapman Chen

[Updated] Unilateral Introduction of National Security Legislation Shows ‘Total Disregard’ for Hong Kong Autonomy and Fundamental Rights

China to introduce national security law in Hong Kong: report

China plans sweeping national security law for Hong Kong

Hong Kong’s dollar tumbles on market jitters about Beijing’s plan to impose national security legislation

  • The currency tumbled 0.05 per cent to 7.7539 against the US dollar on Thursday, its weakest level since May 5
  • Draft resolution for Hong Kong law to proscribe secessionist and other activities in city to be presented as motion to National People’s Congress on Friday, sources say

China: State Security, Terrorism Convictions Double

Prosecutions Reveal Worrying Trend, Escalating Crackdown on Dissent

U.S. to react strongly if China makes move on Hong Kong: Trump

Senators to Propose Bill Sanctioning Chinese Officials Over Hong Kong Security Law

Legislation also would penalize banks that do business with the entities

US warns China against ‘highly destabilising’ Hong Kong move

Call for reprisals over China’s Hong Kong security proposals

Lord Patten, last British governor of Hong Kong, urges UK and US to resist ‘assault on freedoms’

China proposes controversial Hong Kong security law

Toomey, Van Hollen Introduce Sanctions Bill to Defend Hong Kong’s Autonomy

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