US Senate passes bill to delist nearly 800 Chinese companies from American stock exchanges

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Senators Urge Secretary Mnuchin to Prevent the Chinese Regime’s Predatory Business Practices

Commerce Department to Add Two Dozen Chinese Companies with Ties to WMD and Military Activities to the Entity List

US sanctions 33 Chinese companies

White House Report Denounces Beijing’s ‘Malign Behavior’ Amid Heightened Tensions

Exclusive: U.S. accuses China of blocking U.S. flights, demands action

Trump administration is ‘considering first nuclear weapons test since 1992 citing threats from Russia and China’ – but experts warn it could start an ‘unprecedented arms race’ and destabilize international relations

  • Trump administration officials allegedly discussed conducting a nuclear weapons test during a May 15 meeting with several national security agencies
  • They claimed Russia and China had been covertly conducting their own ‘low-yield’ nuclear weapons tests 
  • The discussions reportedly sparked ‘serious disagreements’ about whether the US should resume nuclear testing for the first time since 1992 
  • 184 countries signed the UN’s Comprehensive Nuclear-Test-Ban Treaty in 1996, but eight nations – including the US – have not ratified the treaty

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