USA, Removing the influence of the Chinese Communist Party

 one university at a time.

FBI Warns of China Targeting US Groups Conducting COVID-19-Related Research

Trump Senate ally seeks China sanctions over COVID-19 probe

India, US discuss moving industrial supply chain from China

Trump extends U.S. telecom supply chain order aimed at Huawei, ZTE

Taiwan Firm to Build Chip Factory in U.S.

Plans for TSMC’s Arizona plant come as Trump seeks to cut dependence on Asia

Trump on China: ‘We could cut off the whole relationship’

Administration mulls options on China’s handling of coronavirus pandemic

Coronavirus: Donald Trump threatens to ‘cut off’ China ties, doesn’t want to speak to Xi Jinping

  • US president says ‘ink barely dry’ on trade deal when ‘plague came over’
  • In interview with Fox Business, Trump focused more on China’s response to outbreak than on its origin

Trump eyes crackdown of NYSE-listed Chinese companies

White House wants to penalize Beijing for its handling of the COVID-19 pandemic

Why We May Have to Deregister (and Delist) Communist Chinese Shares from US Markets

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