China Update

What Xi knew: pressure builds on China’s leader | Free to read

Leader faces scrutiny over early pandemic management as Beijing weighs resetting economic targets

Five Biggest Lies That Are Officially Taught to School Students in China

What Does China Really Want? To Dominate the World

Stop debating Beijing’s intentions and take Xi Jinping both seriously and literally.

China’s Building Projects in Africa Are a Spymaster’s Dream

‘No time for complacency’: China must admit its coronavirus mistakes, Chinese law professor warns

  • In essay published on European website, Xu Zhangrun says the facts of the pandemic should be made public
  • Academic laments loss of US leadership on the international stage under Donald Trump

China is not just a challenge to the liberal World Order, but an existential threat to humanity

China’s leaders emerge from Covid-19 crisis bolder and stronger

China announces $178.2 billion military budget

Why Beijing’s new tech master plan will make it more dependent on the US, not less

  • Many of the companies Beijing needs for its US$1.4 trillion tech infrastructure plan were put on Washington’s trade blacklist last October
  • The new rule requires all foreign semiconductor companies using US origin technology to obtain a waiver to do business with Huawei

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