National security Law / National Anthem Legislation

《國安法草案 Draft of National Security Law from NPC to HK》請廣傳-英譯-國安法草案/?fbclid=IwAR1jdwlU7cBbLQKlNuW7Sqs7d3MrEhJjAoakMCfvAzGEl6p1C56fIBseJQk

Exclusive: ‘Strategic positivity’ needed to confront Beijing on world stage, says rights law expert Sharon Hom

O’Brien: U.S. likely to impose sanctions if China moves ahead with Hong Kong law

New UK legal advice could open door to Hong Kong citizens

Leading QC blows apart government claim its hands are tied by obligations to China

China’s new security law will be the death of liberty in Hong Kong – that’s why thousands have hit the streets

To safeguard the city’s freedoms and autonomy, I call upon the world to urge Beijing to halt this controversial legislation

Why China’s Move to Rein In Hong Kong Is Just the Start

Xi Jinping’s China, emboldened by its handling of the coronavirus pandemic, no longer seems constrained by the threat of international rebuke.

China takeover of Hong Kong could lead to U.S. sanctions -White House

The Hong Kong Protesters Aren’t Driven by Hope

“We might as well go down fighting.”

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