National security Law / National Anthem Legislation

Taiwan considers revoking Hong Kong’s special status on law fears

Taiwan promises ‘support’ for Hong Kong’s people as China tightens grip

President Tsai Ing-wen pledges ‘necessary assistance’ after a resurgence in protests against newly proposed security legislation from Beijing

Last British Governor of Hong Kong Says the Territory Has Been ‘Betrayed by China’ Over Security Law Proposal

Former Hong Kong governor: China’s proposed national security law should be on G7 agenda

‘A tragedy’: Top aide warns US may revoke Hong Kong privileges over China-led national security law

International calls rise against China’s clampdown in Hong Kong

The West must stand up to China as its ruthless regime flexes its muscles

Beijing’s response to the pandemic proves that China has no intention of becoming more liberal

Don’t panic over new HK law: Foreign Ministry chief

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