National security Law / National Anthem Legislation

Revoking Hong Kong’s special status is Trump’s ‘nuclear option’ that could trigger irrevocable U.S.-China split, analysts warn

Trump admin tells Congress Hong Kong has lost its autonomy to China. Here’s what that means.

Hong Kong’s special status is threatened by China’s new national security law.

China parliament approves plan to impose Hong Kong security law

Conservatives call on Canada to organize international coalition to protect Hong Kong

China’s rich skirting Hong Kong to seek asset safety elsewhere

What it means for investors if Hong Kong loses its special status with the U.S.

What to expect now US deems Hong Kong no longer autonomous

  • US official says it will be up to the White House how it responds to Secretary of State Mike Pompeo’s assessment
  • ‘A lot of’ options are being considered. ‘It can be personnel, it can be sanctions’

Taiwan pledges help for fleeing Hong Kongers, riles China

Megvii lets Hong Kong IPO application lapse again

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