National security Law / National Anthem Legislation

Giving British citizenship to 300,000 Hong Kongers will boost the economy

Updated thoughts and questions on @DominicRaab and @ukhomeoffice‘s announcements over the last couple of days in relation to offering a lifeline to #BNO holders following #China‘s decision to implement national security laws directly for #HongKong.

Britain may offer “path to citizenship” for nearly 3 million in Hong Kong

Canada’s left have failed Hong Kong

Cherie Wong and Jody Chan: While the Liberal government ignores the nuances in the Chinese community fabric, we have also been abandoned by the New Democratic Party and the Greens over petty partisanship

Hong Kong’s freedom is vanishing before our eyes

Xi Jinping’s cynical power grab is turning the territory’s special status into nothing but a hollowed-out facade

Benedict Rogers on LBC: There is much more that the UK can do

Britain’s response to the repression of Hong Kong shows our world has changed

Trump orders his administration to begin eliminating Hong Kong privileges

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