National security Law / National Anthem Legislation

In Hong Kong, China Threatens Businesses and Workers

Beijing is using fear and pressure to drum up support for its increasingly hard-line stance in the Asian financial capital, threatening its status as a global business center.

‘Never seen that before’: Some Hong Kong residents hit the panic button as security law revives rush for the emigration gates

  • Immigration consultants have fielded hundreds of new calls since China’s National People’s Congress (NPC) unveiled the controversial plan on May 21, bypassing the local legislature
  • Some are accelerating their decision to buy property overseas, while others are cutting their asking price for local properties.

I’m alive because of immigration from Hong Kong – but the UK needs to do much more than issue passports

There are some seven million people in Hong Kong today. Even if the UK followed through on its promise to give residence rights to those with British Nationals Overseas status, emigration is unlikely to be a practical escape door

Deleting Facebook, downloading VPNs: How Hong Kongers are preparing for a draconian law


Hong Kong, the darkest hour has yet to come

2,600 celebrities back national security legislation for HK

Italian MPs support an international appeal for Hong Kong

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