National security Law / National Anthem Legislation

What You Need to Know About the Chinese Communist PartyThe CCP is not a party in the normal sense of the word. Because it’s communist in the normal sense of that word.

Chris Patten accuses China of ‘mafia’-style tactics as HSBC row escalates

Hong Kong protest leader Joshua Wong fears more firms could be “forced to kowtow to Beijing” when security law is passed

HSBC, StanChart under fire for backing China

China’s national security law poses existential threat to Hong Kong’s universities and academic freedom

  • China’s tendency to use the vaguest, broadest terms in drafting its laws means research on several issues could become off-limits
  • Legislation will have chilling effect on overseas academics’ interest in and ability to pursue research collaboration with peers in Hong Kong

HSBC warns it could face reprisals in China if UK bans Huawei equipment: Telegraph

Hong Kong protesters seek sanctuary overseas as noose tightens

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