Asia Countries

Taiwan thwarts Chinese ‘invasion’ in five-day live-fire drill

Troops deploy fighter jets and warships in biggest annual war games as tensions rise

Taiwan’s Hong Kong envoy ‘forced’ to leave

Taiwan’s media said envoy refused to sign statement supporting Beijing’s view that Taiwan is part of ‘one China’

Taipei warns of ‘hostage diplomacy’ under Beijing’s national security law in Hong Kong

Head of Taiwan’s Mainland Affairs Council says legislation undermines human rights and regional securityDemocratic countries should stand united against mainland China’s expansion, Chen Ming-tong says

If China Invades, Taiwan Could Target Shanghai And Beijing With Cruise Missiles

Taiwan Seeking to Ban Mainland Chinese Streaming Services

Taiwan rejects permits for two Hong Kong officials as visa row escalates

Taiwan Accuses Former Political Aides of Leaking Sensitive Information to China

Taiwan announces ban on Chinese streaming services Tencent and iQiyi

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