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EU insists European companies could replace Huawei in 5G network

EU-China ties hinge on Germany’s political future as reign of Beijing ally Angela Merkel nears its end

During her 15 years as German chancellor, Angela Merkel visited China 12 times to foster the relationship, but her legacy could suffer if an EU-China investment treaty is not securedThe tide seems to be turning, with Huawei, Hong Kong’s national security law, trade and human rights abuses fraying EU ties with China

Europe’s China hawks circle and squawk

China-EU relations have taken a turn for the worse as the Huawei controversy and rights issues plague wider ties

Exclusive: Portugal telcos won’t use Huawei for core 5G networks though no government ban

EU to restrict exports to Hong Kong over security law

The European Union on Tuesday (28 July) agreed to limit exports to Hong Kong of equipment that could be used for surveillance and repression after Beijing imposed a controversial new security law.

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