National security Law / National Anthem Legislation

Hong Kong teachers fired under Beijing ‘patriotism’ push

Those who backed protests are being singled out as Beijing tightens its grip on the city

【致香港人】 中國詩人楊煉 你們是星,我們是夜; 你們點燃,我們熄滅; 你們是漢,我們是奸; 你們淚熱,我們心死; 你們赴死,我們偷生; 你們走上街頭,我們縮進沙發; 你們為明天而流血,我們為今天而苟活; 你們珍視愛的寳貴,我們死守命的價錢; 你們三十年前還未出生,我們三十年後已經腐爛。

Hong Kong gov’t grills 9 pro-democracy election hopefuls on political stance as candidates prepare for disqualification

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