Pompeo: Trump taking action on Chinese software firms ‘in coming days’

Apple Faces $1.4 Billion Lawsuit by Chinese AI Firm in Siri Patent Fight

Ivy League school UPenn pocketed a $3m donation last year from a mysterious Hong Kong shell company ‘whose owner has ties to the Chinese government’

  • The University of Pennsylvania appears unable to explain a $3 million donation from a Hong Kong shell company tied to a Chinese businessman
  • The Ivy League school received $3 million from the Nice Famous Corporation Limited in 2019, which is owned by Chinese national Xu Xeuqing
  • Xu Xeuqing was known to have been involved in a Shanghai public corruption scandal where he allegedly bribed an official yet was not prosecuted
  • ‘Non-prosecution’ suggests Xu has close links with Communist Party officials
  • The school, however, say the money came from Xin Zhou who was a ‘large client’ of UPenn’s business school and has spoken at university-organized events 
  • The donations are part of several the university received from China in recent years as the country tries to buy influence on American campuses

Universities Appease China, Ignore Human Rights Abuses


China Seeds: A Biological Attack on America?

US Navy seizes ship carrying supplies from China to Iran: Fars

Huawei says it’s running out of chips for its smartphones because of US sanctions

The company also says it soon won’t be able to make its own Kirin chipsets

Apple Confirms iPhone 11 Uses Data From China’s BeiDou Satellite System

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