Origins, Symptoms, Vaccine

Vaccine and test kit for Wuhan Coronavirus, August/September 2020

24/09 – Where the 4 major coronavirus vaccine candidates

21/09 – Scientists believe they may have discovered a way to stop Covid-19 infecting human cells

12/09 – China Injects Hundreds of Thousands With Experimental Covid-19 Vaccines
Chinese pharmaceutical companies administer newly developed inoculations outside of clinical trials, despite dangers

07/09 – Nigerian scientists have identified seven lineages of SARS-CoV-2

26/08 – Moderna COVID-19 vaccine appears to work as well in older adults in early study

11-08 Taiwan researchers working on broadly effective flu vaccine

04-08 Novavax coronavirus vaccine induces immune response in early study, shares jump

02-08 Gilead Sent Death Threats To Kill HCQ As COVID-19 Cure, French Dr Testifies In Parliament

August 2, 2020

After it was revealed in a shocking investigation that WHO policies on Hydroxychloroquine were based on a fake study by a pornstar and a science-fiction writer, now in an ongoing investigation, a French doctor has testified in parliament that Gilead sent him death threats after he started talking about HCQ as a cure for COVID-19.

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