Xinjiang / Tibet/Mongolia

Uighurs forced to keep China running at height of Covid-19 pandemic

Workers were moved by train and plane to key industrial cities to maintain production lines

NORMAN BAKER: As the Chinese turn temples into pig sties and force nuns and monks to worship photos of President Xi… Who will stop the torturers of Beijing wiping Tibet from the face of the Earth?

Lawmakers demand answers from World Bank on Xinjiang loan

A Human Harvest: China’s organ trafficking exposed in shocking documentary that alleges the illegal trade is now worth a staggering US$1 billion a year

  • A new documentary hopes to expose the illegal organ trade in China
  • China’s organ trade is allegedly worth a massive US$1 billion a year 
  • Human rights lawyer David Matas tells the gory details of what goes on
  • Tens of thousands of innocent people killed on demand it is claimed
  • Political prisoners in particular being used as live organ donors 
  • It’s believed most were members of the banned Falun Gong movement
  • Documentary will air on SBS One’s Dateline program on Tuesday night

Security leak reveals Chinese government surveillance of more ethnic minorities

Confessions of a Xinjiang Camp Teacher

Qelbinur Sedik reveals the horrors she witnessed in the camps, where she was forced to teach Mandarin in 2017.

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