Xinjiang / Tibet/Mongolia

Dissatisfied with the CCP’s cancellation of Mongolian language teaching, large-scale protests broke out in Inner Mongolia

Will education reform wipe out Mongolian language and culture?

China: Tibetan Children Denied Mother-Tongue Classes

‘Bilingual’ Policy Threatens Tibetan-Medium Education

Students in Inner Mongolia protest Chinese language policy

Chinese police offer cash rewards in hunt for Inner Mongolia protesters

China cracks down on Inner Mongolian minority fighting for its mother tongue

CCP Cracks Down on Inner Mongolia Protests, 2 Dead, Hundreds Wanted

Minister of Public Security Zhao Kezhi goes to Mongolia and orders a merciless repression of the protests. It has already started.

Inner Mongolia doubles down on China’s plan to teach key subjects in Mandarin despite protests

Minister of Public Security Zhao Kezhi orders regions to intensify crackdowns on foreign infiltration and separatist plotsHorqin district police release pictures of 129 people apparently taken during demonstrations and offer a reward for information leading to arrest

18,000 people in Inner Mongolia jointly protest against the CCP’s extinction of culture拒绝中共灭绝文化 内蒙古1.8万民众联名抗议

Inner Mongolia principal may have killed herself over Mandarin language policy

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