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Germany – Prominent Hong Kong activist urges Germany’s Maas to take tougher China stance

German Foreign Minister Heiko Maas and his Chinese counterpart are due to meet this week. Prominent pro-democracy activist Nathan Law wants Berlin to increase pressure on China over its rights record.

Germany’s Maas calls for withdrawal of Hong Kong security law

Germany’s top diplomat also urged China to allow a UN mission to look into the human rights situation of Uighurs living in Xinjiang. His Chinese colleague Wang Yi rejected “foreign interference” in domestic affairs.

China and the EU: A Tale of Two Summits

COVID-19 has accelerated shifting dynamics in EU-China relations.

“Germany – Europe – Asia: shaping the 21st century together”: The German Government adopts policy guidelines on the Indo-Pacific region

Germany has told China to stop threatening Europe as Merkel hardens her stance toward Beijing

The EU should live up what it stands for or we might be all Hong Kong tomorrow

Germany launches Indo-Pacific strategy with ‘key role’ for India

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Can the US and Germany finally see eye to eye on China?

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